Wind farm substation Kuke 220/30kV, Finland

Wind farm substation Kuke 220/30kV, Finland



Design works for supplying factory drawings of combines transformer and line protection panels, communication panels. Drawings of secondary wiring – circuit diagrams and protections diagrams (220kV switchgear including SLD, 220/33kV transformer, 33kV switchgear including SLD, AC/DC panel with selectivity plan), connection diagrams (220 kV switchgear, 220/33kV transformer, 33kV switchgear, AC/DC panel), cable and signal list.

Assembling of protection, telecommunication panels and marshalling boxes.

Configuration of 220kV transformer diff protection, 220kV transformer feeder protection and 33kV line and incoming feeder protection.

FAT – 220kV cubicles

SAT – 220kV transformer bay, 33kV and AC/DC panels