Snilldal & Surna, Norway

Hofstad transformatorstasjon, Norway

40/20kV Huusajarvi, Sweden

Suurpeltoon substation, Finland

Saudefaldene, Finland

M8 Granloholm, Sweden

Savela substation, Finland

110kV Keljon, Finland

110/20kV Kalkulla, Finland

Ship switchgear testing, China

110kV Jyväskylä, Finland

145kV Afjord substation, Norway

Marker wind park substation, Finland

Högkölsmyran wind park substation, Finland

400 kV Olkiluodon, Finland

Kemira Chemicals factory, Finland

Peltomaki substation, Finland

Palokka substation, Finland

Alaharma substation, Finland

132 kV Bjerkreim Lyse, Norway

Haapajarvi substation, Finland

110 kV GIS Paloisvirta, Finland

Pitkälahti substation, Finland

Pinsio substation, Finland

Faberg substation, Norway

Vuoksen 110kV, Finland

RACE 2, Sweden

300/22kV Roldal IAT, Norway

Monitoring of energy resources, Lithuania

Salvador automation, Lithuania

Installation of energy resource monitoring system

Retuning of air recuperative system, Lithuania

Sugar beet harvester, Lithuania

Correction of the manufacturing process, Lithuania

Decontamination room HVAC, Lithuania

Raw materials laboratory of sugar beet, Lithuania

Sewage pump stations, Lithuania

Control of the sewage pump station, Lithuania

Krekenava waste water treatment plant, Lithuania

10 Integration of sewage pumping stations, Lithuania

Automation at the sewage pumping station, Lithuania

11 Sewage pump stations, Lithuania

Sewage water treatment plant, Lithuania

Water treatment plant, Litnuania

Vievis mill, Lithuania